Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 Months Old and 2 Sore Thighs Later...

Isabelle hit 15 months old today! To celebrate, we drug her to the doctor's office, kept her awake instead of allowing her a morning nap, laid her out for weighing and measuring, and then stuck her full of vaccinations. Fun fun fun. She did really well especially considering how tired she was to start with, and how long the appointment ended up taking. Her stats have "followed her same curve" with her weighing in at 29lb 14 oz and measuring at 31" (which was short we're quite sure as she was crying and wriggling as usual on that damn scale). And she's getting an upper molar in, as we suspected given all the chewing she's been doing on that side.

Her doctor seemed pleased with her words and saying "hi" and waving at him when he approached and was happy to hear she's eating mostly table foods and is starting to walk. He said to call him if she's not walking by 16 months (although what he would do, I have no idea...) but every day she's taking more steps on her own unassisted so I'm not worried. He thought she keeps using the word "baby" in different ways to experiment with inflection, as she'll say "baaaby?" to mean "what is that?" and "BABBBY BABYYY" to mean "kitty or other animal I'm really excited about."

We expressed concern about her bottle of milk before bed- as she drinks way less from a sippy cup (her morning bottle has now been replaced by a sippy cup that she keeps working on from breakfast, nap, and finishing at lunch) and if we replaced that before-bed bottle with a cup, I know she wouldn't get enough milk. So... the question is what is worse for her- one bottle before bed or less milk per day than is recommended. I love her pediatrician in some ways- as he is so non-alarmist about most issues that he views as developmental in nature. He said a bottle before bed (in our arms and not in the crib) is no problem at all and many kids hang onto that bottle for a few years without trouble. I asked about teeth formation and he said that bottles only affect that if they walk around all day with a bottle in their mouth. He also wasn't worried if she only gets 12-16 oz/ day + water as that's what the kidneys need.

So for now she got a healthy stamp of approval, plus two sore thighs.

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  1. Poor Isabelle!!! I am sooo glad that you have joined the blog world! Now I can stalk you! lol!