Friday, January 23, 2009

Adios buckethead!

For 4+ months our poor kitty Uintah has had to wear a plastic "no lick" cone around his head because of some mysterious skin problem he developed back in early September. He's been through gazillions of tests, to 2 specialists, plus had probably half a dozen appointments with his regular vet. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with him, but when we previously removed the cone to test out if he wouldn't do damage to his injured back, he was bleeding back there again almost instantly.

He (and we) got so used to him being in the collar, we just started calling him "buckethead." Poor Isabelle would even get confused when she saw pictures of cats in books and then looked at Uintah- since none of them had a collar around their heads.

So.... after seeing the vet dermatologist this past week (who was also stumped but suspected a possible poisonous spider bite), we decided to have another go at trial periods "bucket-free." After several days of doing really well, we let him have all day, without problems, and then all night. He has never been so happy! He's been grooming like crazy of course, and even racing up and down the stairs excitedly.

We're so happy to have our hopefully healthy and happy Uintah back to all his normal fuzziness!

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