Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are people tougher here in Seattle?

So Paul and I think that people in Seattle just "tough it out" so much more than anywhere else we've ever lived. For example, people seem to do anything they want regardless of the weather or rain. Now this fits right in for us since we love to go for our twice daily walks (rain, shine, snow, cold) and today even went golfing in 35 degrees. The part that baffles us is that the golf course was SUPER CROWDED- I mean waiting at every hole with 2 parties waiting behind you as well. I thought we were the only crazy ones around here but I guess not. We love being able to get out and do something we enjoy even if beforehand it sounds like it might be too cold. I don't think we've ever regretted getting out and giving it a go. :) Now if I could just putt...

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