Friday, January 23, 2009

One step backwards.. are there going to be two forward?

Isabelle has been motivated by watching all those kids around her walk everywhere! So she's been actively trying to walk more and more the past 2 weeks or so. She's been enjoying walking everywhere holding onto a finger or two of ours and then when she's brave (or motivated) taking 3-4 scary steps towards one of us, before she lands on us and screams in delight. Yesterday and today she spent a good 30 minutes pushing her little "lawn mower" walker downstairs back and forth over and over. She's gotten so good at making turns with it, it's really cute to watch her plan which direction she wants to take.
Yesterday was our last music class for the semester and Isabelle had a wonderful time- hugging other babies, even letting the teacher "tickle" her into some giggles during baby massage time, and ..... walking 6+ steps across the middle of the room to me! She enjoyed everyone clapping for her as well. Not a wallflower, this girl!
We're excited to see her change and grow but I guess with each new milestone, we lose a little of the baby she was which is a little sad too. Probably won't be too long before she goes everywhere walking... but we've said that before!

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