Monday, February 23, 2009

New shoes are made for walking!

How could I write about anything else?

Walking and walking, and more walking is all we do these days with Isabelle. She is a maniac!!! As if walking around the house faster and faster isn't enough. She wants to walk up and down the sidewalk in front of our house 8 hours a day. She could care less if it's cold or if it's raining. She enjoys showing us the water in the storm drains (and signing "water" like Nanny Shari taught her), pointing out airplanes in the sky, and picking up various rocks and twigs. She also enjoys stomping on anything on the ground to see how it feels (even sidewalk chalk drawings we've done).

A week ago we bought her a new pair of sneakers now that she's walking so well. She is so unbelievably excited about these pink sneakers (see photo) that first thing in the morning while she's still in her pjs, she will walk over to a shoe, pick it up and sign "help" and will cry until she is dressed and has the shoe on her foot. I'm now regretting not getting her a more neutral color of shoe- if I had known these would be the only shoes she'd ever wear, I might have picked more carefully! Guess we'll have to do some more shoe shopping as she's already wearing these out!

She's also been practicing picking something up with one hand off the floor and then returning to standing without touching or leaning on anything. She's definitely working on her balance. And is now pulling self up to standing whenever she falls by spreading her legs really wide (almost splits) and then balancing self upright until she can walk again. It's funny looking but seems to work pretty well. Above is a photo of her working her way back up to standing.

Other skills she's been working on have been eating from a fork and spoon. She's really good at putting either in her mouth if I "prep" the food on the utensil, but still struggles with getting food on to it by herself. Sometimes she forgets and lapses into picking food off the spoon/fork with her bare hands to eat it by hand. Her favorite foods these days have been bananas (she calls "nananana"), chewing on apples or plums whole, and most anything we eat (lasagne, meatloaf, Chinese green noodles with chicken). Here's an exhuberant picture of her loving that apple! I think that the chewing has been easing some of her teething pain as she just got her 4th bottom tooth and is working on at least 1 molar.

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