Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visitors and sickness, rinse and repeat...

We have had a very busy few weeks here. My brother Michael arrived for a week-long visit the day after Isabelle's shots. We were really excited for his visit since the last time he visited Isabelle was only 2 months old! Unfortunately he and Paul were both feeling under the weather at the start of his visit, and then Isabelle and I also succombed to the cold everyone seemed to have. So we were not the best hosts by any means. Despite all the sickness, we were able to squeeze in a decent amount of fun with Michael including lots of play time with Isabelle. He instantly was impressed by how much she's walking on her own since she's rapidly become very independent in her walking. She quickly took to him (despite his fears given how afraid she was of him in Utah) and even tried to say Uncle "Migo" repeatedly.

Paul generously watched Isabelle one day so Michael and I could go golfing together. He was unsure how he would do since it's been like 10 years since he last golfed. We had a blast!! We went to a really relaxed course so we weren't in any hurry, and had a ton of fun together. Michael did really well given how little he's golfed and it was nice weather to boot.

Another day we all went to the park at Lake Sammamish to feed the ducks (one of Isabelle's favorite activities recently). It was funny that as soon as we even pulled into the parking lot, she remembered our last time there with the ducks and started saying "duck duck duck" to express her enthusiasm. We even spotted a bird nobody could identify (even after looking through our bird books) so Michael concluded it was either a bird "molting" into another color or came here even though he doesn't belong here. Let me know if you know this bird!

Michael was nice enough to join me for dinner at Flying Fish in Seattle after a stressful day of doctor's appointments for me. We had a wonderful visit with Michael and also appreciated his self-sufficiency (walking to the park and ride to take a bus to visit friends in Seattle!) and flexibility as a guest. :) Isabelle enjoyed making animal sounds for him and learning to say the words in her little alphabet books.

The same day we booted Michael out to stay with his friend Kerrie, our good friend Ronda from Buffalo arrived for a stats conference here in Seattle. We haven't seen her in a few years and this was the first time she got to meet Isabelle so we were really excited for her visit! Despite us all being quite sick by the time of her arrival, we very much enjoyed seeing her and hope she escaped the "Moosman plague" without getting sick herself. We enjoyed playing a game with her, learning more about her scrapbooking skills, visiting the Cougar Mt. Zoo together, and eating Indian together. It was a short visit but great to see her! Isabelle instantly took to her, giving her big smiles frequently and handing her all of her legos one by one.

After all the visitors came and went and Paul and I were feeling better, Isabelle was still quite sick- blowing junk out her nose and coughing a horrible rattly cough. So on day 11 of her sickness we took her to her doc who suspected she had a sinus infection at this point and started her on Amoxycillin. Lucky for us she loves the pink bubblegum medicine and seemed to immediately start feeling better. :)

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