Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yes we have a walking maniac!!

So as you may know, Isabelle has been taking steps on her own for about a month now- but there is a gradual progression (at least for her) from 2 steps and pushing walker constantly, to 5-6 steps and landing on us, to walking in and out of rooms and across the whole house. Well she's reached the walking everywhere on her own stage now and has become literally OBSESSED with walking. It is all she wants to do. She walks to the front door and signs "help" all day long since she wants to walk outside in our front yard. Then she walks the length of the house over and over again. We took her to the "big" park here in our neighborhood today and all she wanted to do was walk the little trail around the park (not even get in the swing at all!). She is never done walking outside and has a little tantrum every time you bring her in. We're thrilled to see her feeling so proud and excited about her walking, but we're also feeling tired from supporting and trying to prevent her face-planting it right on our very rough aggregate driveway!!

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