Saturday, March 28, 2009

17 months old & toddler in every way

Today Isabelle is 17 months old. I can't even believe it- when I called her doctor's office to schedule her next well-child check, I couldn't remember how many months old she should be (18 months) at the appointment and I chalk that up to denial and repression! I just can't believe she's grown so fast.

Every single day she learns something new. Yesterday she put puzzle pieces in her puzzle and understood the concept. The day before she learned to say "Rafa" when shown magazine pictures of our favorite tennis player. Now she runs around the house with his picture saying "Rafa" and giggling. It's hysterical. She also got preoccupied with lawn mowers this week. She saw several neighbors' gardeners mowing lawns and insisted on going outside to get a closer look. So her favorite word(s) right now is... yes, "lawn mower." One neighbor couldn't believe she could say that so clearly. Who would have guessed lawn mower would be an early word?!! She's also become generous with blowing kisses and even giving hugs if you ask her to.

Here's Isabelle perusing the DVD options. She's convinced that Pocahantas is me, as everytime she sees that movie she points at Pocahantas and says and signs "Mama."

She's so energetic- pracicing running, playing hide and go seek all day long, and dancing in circles. She loves sitting on her little booster chair, and the "mommy chair" (on my knees) to read a book or offer her babies milk. Last week when Nanny Shari watched her Isabelle hit a new record for what she ate in a meal and proved that yes indeed, her stomach and appetite are HUGE. I guess she needs to fuel all that energy. In this one meal, she ate a quesadilla wedge, a spaghetti graduates bowl, a vegetable baby food jar, grapes, and some chicken. IN ONE MEAL!!!

She's so excited that Nanny Shari showed her how to sign for "crackers" as she loves her animal crackers more than anything. One day of seeing us tap our elbows, and she now taps her little arm constantly hoping for some more animal crackers. We're thrilled that she now says and signs "please" if we ask her to before giving her something she wants.

This week Paul got to take her to a make-up music class, a first for him. I was so excited to have him experience it with her as she just loves her classes so much. But unfortunately she was starting to get a cold (we now know) and didn't feel well, so sat on his lap the whole class long (even for baby massage!). Miss Rebecca (the teacher) was shocked as normally Isabelle is a "whirling dervish" all class long. Apparently we are lucky to have such a nice group of kids and moms in our class, as there was a hellion in this make-up class named Angus (great name for a bully, eh?) who got into fights with 3 kids, scratched Isabelle's mouth while grabbing her face, and actually BIT another girl's cheek HARD (left marks!). Yikes.

Now poor Isabelle and me are both sick with a cold this weekend. I guess we're lucky to be sick on the weekend so Paul can help take care of her and give me more rest. She's been cute about holding a kleenex up to her animal or baby's nose and making "fssing" sounds to imitate blowing her nose.

Here's a picture of the "Daddy Medical Clinic" checking out an owie on her foot after falling today.

Sick, but still playing:

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