Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Mimi," "Papa" and the ER visit

Wow it's been a busy week! We enjoyed a nice visit with my parents who flew in from Utah. It was their first visit since October so they were amazed by how much Isabelle had changed, with her walking, talking, sign language, and social skills. I was really surprised to see how quickly Isabelle attached herself to my mom, preferring to hold her hand over even me the very first day they arrived! I speculate that they had early bonding when my mom helped for the first few weeks of Isabelle's life.

She just loved both of them- immediately calling my mom (Omi) "Mimi" and my dad (grandpa) "Papa." It was adorable- she'd constantly ask for them and look for them, crying if they left the room. She really enjoyed the toys they brought for her and continues to try to identify all the animals in the puzzle.

A few days into their visit, things took a surprising turn. I had been planning to go to a friend's book-sharing party when Paul slipped on the last stair while holding Isabelle, and took a really bad fall. He so generously protected her from injury but by doing so, couldn't cushion his own fall at all. His head hit a corner on the wood bannister and took quite a chunk out. Isabelle was hysterical as she saw her daddy laying on the floor bleeding, and of course I was also quite scared. I roused my parents who had just awoken to drive him to the ER while I watched Isabelle. While there, Paul had another fainting/seizure-like episode which worried everyone and led them to do a C/T scan to ensure he didn't have brain injury from his fall. The doctors ended up putting staples (yes with a staple gun!) into his head instead of stitches. He's since been referred for an EEG and neurology exam just to rule out the possibility of a seizure.

Not quite the Saturday we had planned for any of us! But it was a great comfort to have my parents' help during such a stressful time and luckily Paul is feeling ok except for his head being sore. Poor Isabelle had a few nightmares we suspect were related to the fall.

The rest of their visit was a little more restful. We enjoyed playing some boardgames with them in the evenings, a visit to Lake Sammamish Park to visit the ducks and play on the slide at the playground, and several nice meals out together. More than anything, it was just wonderful to see how much Isabelle enjoyed her grandparents (and vice versa). My parents babysat while I joined Paul at a follow-up doctor's appointment, and they all seemed to enjoy this alone time together.

Isabelle is already missing her Omi and Grandpa as she has asked for them several times, and has enjoyed looking at their photos often. We are looking forward to seeing them again next month when we all head to Utah for a friend's wedding.

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