Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain, snow, and play

Not a lot has been happening around here other than snow, more snow, and more snow! Isabelle has learned the sign for snow and is constantly showing us the snow falling. She's enjoyed walking (or stomping) outside in the snow with her new rainboots which are now doubling as snow boots. :) We have enjoyed the snow as well, although it did lead to us canceling our babysitter Saturday and missing out on our date-day. Paul took full advantage of the recent snow and has skied several times the past few weeks.

One day (in between snow storms), Isabelle handed me her snow bibs and kept signing "help" and clearly wanting me to put them on her. So I put them on and she walked straight to the door thinking snow bibs meant it was time to play outside. I took advantage of her outfit (on a sunny day here) to let her play on our totally soggy back lawn... in her snowbibs. :) She's decided that putting on any coat means she gets to play outside. Here's a recent sampling of her raincoat, snowbib, and winter coat all put on with the same idea in mind.

Every day Isabelle becomes more and more of a little girl. We bought a booster seat, knowing we aren't ready for it yet, but thinking it might be fun for her to play with until we are. Day one of seeing her little "chair" involved constant attempts to sit on it, and reading in her chair on her own. It's one of her favorite pasttimes figuring out how to get her bum in the chair.

The most exciting thing Isabelle has been doing lately is all of the pretend-play she's been into. She now enjoys using her doctor's kit to pretend to take her various animals and baby-doll's temperature, blood pressure, and give them shots. She offers her sippy cup of water to everyone as well, making cute sound-effects to show they are drinking. She also rocks them in her arms to "rock-a-bye baby" very sweetly. She's been even sharing her lovey with her animals (making sucking noises as she holds it to their mouth) and offering it to me as well! Generous offer but really nasty yucky blankie she chews on constantly, so I graciously declined. Here's a picture of her brushing her teeth and her baby's teeth.

We also danced the "hokey-pokey" yesterday with Isabelle giggling as she wiggled her foot in the air enthusiastically. How much cuter can it really get? We keep feeling like we are so lucky to have her and it just doesn't get better than this age.

Here's a recent "spaghetti face" picture to show off Isabelle's distant Italian heritage (Paul's side):

New words lately include: flower, no, ball, apple, more, ah dun (all done). New signs include: daddy, bear, lion, pear, airplane, snow.

We're looking forward to my parents' visit later this week.

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