Thursday, April 30, 2009

18 months old

Isabelle turned 18 months old earlier this week. So hard to believe it's already been 1/2 a year since her birthday, which seems like yesterday. Although the last 6 months have flown by quickly, they also have been very very busy since she's been walking, running, dancing, and talking up a storm.

She's been sick all week with a cold but seems to be feeling better for the past few days. She had her doctor's appointment yesterday and we were thrilled to hear she only needed one shot and then no more until she's 5 years old (except for one make-up shot they have delayed until who knows when)!! YAY!

Despite being under the weather, Isabelle was an absolute flirt at her appointment- zooming around the room seeing what would happen if she drew with crayons on the walls, pointing out the river (one of her new words) out the window, and flirting shamelessly with Dr. Ege. She even smiled big and turned her head to her shoulder when he asked if she was flirting. It was sweet that her old nurse Sue saw her on the schedule and complained that she was out that day and wouldn't get to see her. She was really wonderful when Isabelle was tiny and we came in all the time for problems.

Isabelle came up in the 90th% for height at 33.5" (she first measured at 34" so she may be in between) which makes her really tall! We had noticed a huge spurt in her height lately. She weighed in at 32 lb 4oz (down from 2 weeks ago when she must have had a really heavy diaper on!) and her head measured at 19" (90% also). Dr. Ege was really pleased with Isabelle's 60+ words, starting to put 2 words together into short sentences, and her "owie" on her knee showing that she plays hard. :)

He reiterated his belief that she is just a big girl who eats and plays harder than other kids and stated that he doesn't even view her as overweight as she is "just big" in all dimensions. I asked about switching her to lower fat milk as I've heard others do, and he disagreed- saying that he wants Isabelle to form healthy eating habits but for us to not restrict her as she's healthy and happy now. He was not worried about her drinking less milk lately (maybe 10 oz/ day) as long as she eats cheese and other forms of calcium like yogurt.

We were surprised when he asked about potty training as it has been far from our minds- other than the fact that lately Isabelle has been periodically pointing and saying "Pee pee" which makes us wonder if she's becoming aware of when she pees. He told us there are two approaches to potty training- putting out a potty now and letting her slowly become more and more curious (and imitating of us) over the course of 6 months or so before becoming totally potty trained. The other approach is potty training entirely in a weekend but not doing it until they are totally ready (at least 2 years old). We are unsure and need to learn a bit more about both as she's clearly not ready for the second option yet, but would be ready to start the first.

Here's a picture of her playing in the rain this week:

And a picture of her "patting" baby's back to help her go "night night."

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