Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter eggs, dresses, and duckies

We had a wonderful, although very rainy Easter with Isabelle this year. We had put together a small Easter basket of rubber duckies, duckie Pez, a stuffed animal Duck, and a bunny book. We also thought it would be fun to try a small egg-hunt using plastic eggs, but didn't want to give Isabelle so much sugar. So we decided to put one animal cracker (her favorite snack!) in each egg so that it makes a sound if she shakes it, and to surprise her with a treat when she opens the eggs.

Since it was supposed to be (and was) very rainy on Sunday, we had an outdoor egg-hunt in our backyard Saturday afternoon. It took Isabelle about 5 seconds to understand that she was supposed to hunt for more eggs and put them in her basket. We were amazed by how quickly she found the eggs!


Sunday we dressed her up in her Easter/dress for my friend's wedding and took some pictures, gave her the basket, and watched her play with her rubber duckies. We enjoyed an outing to the little neighborhood zoo where she enjoys the animals more each time (although Paul was less than excited about how heavy she was in the backpack carrier). We had another egg-hunt in the basement in the afternoon with her zooming all over and finding every single egg in under 5 minutes! She also enjoyed opening a card and Peter the Rabbit egg-hunt book from Grandpa George & Grandma Leslie.

It was a great Easter for us and really made me excited for future holidays with her as she so quickly engaged in the egg-hunt this year already.

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