Monday, April 13, 2009


Cutest thing Isabelle has been doing lately is saying "more?" whenever she likes something. For example we drive past the horses on the road near our house and she always says "nay nay" to them, and then says "more." I asked her "more what baby?" and her answer was "more nay nay." Haha. As if I could make more horses appear! This has been her way lately of saying she likes something. If we blow raspberries on her belly she'll say "more" and then try to blow a raspberry herself. It's been a lot of fun to get into her head a bit and know more about everything she's enjoying.

She's also been trying to jump- which is just about the cutest thing in the world. Don't have a picture of that yet- but she bends he knees and just pulls her head up as far as she can (without getting any lift yet), but if we pull her up to help her jump, she giggles and giggles. Sure enough we learned she was taught to try to jump by Nanny Shari (who teaches her most everything!). Here's a cute picture of them together.

We've had a busy few weeks with lots of playdates with Isabelle's growing circle of friends- neighbor Ella and she like playing in the yard a lot (Ella calls her "baby Isabelle"), and we had a fun playdate with Lyla and Aaron and baby Madeline last week. It was so cute to see Isabelle and Lyla actually chasing each other around the room and giggling. Isabelle even sat on Katie's lap to sing songs. We hope to plan more regular playdates as they seem to be increasingly interested in playing with each other. As we drove home from Katie's house, Isabelle was saying "Amy" and "Lyla" without any trouble understanding her.

Now the downside- the last few days she's been more and more whiny - I think out of frustration for when she can't say what she wants. Her language is just improving every day. Her Nanny Shari told us she was so proud of Isabelle for signing "Help Bear Please" to let her know she wanted help getting her bear out from under a pile of other animals. So she's starting to put signs together to communicate what she wants, but is so much more frustrated when it doesn't work or she doesn't know how to say what she wants. Today on the way home from lunch with Daddy, she was crying and whining and I kept asking what she wanted- she finally said "more Daddy." :(

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  1. That's the cutest thing! I have to tell you that my absolute favorite age for kids is between 1 and 3. They constantly amaze me with what they are learning and their abilities.