Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watering flowers, and swim class

The sun has been shining and we enjoyed a very warm (nearly 80 degrees) weekend. We've enjoyed getting out yard into shape bit by bit over the past month, and I finally got all my flowers potted, the mulch done, and our lawn is as green as it's been. Paul treated our soggy back yard with some sand a month or so ago and it has made a huge difference! Isabelle has enjoyed helping water all of Mommy's flowers with her new watering can, but isn't too keen to share the can with any of her friends just yet. One of the cutest things lately is how much Isabelle enjoys smelling our blooming lilacs- she inches towards them sticks her nose in the air, and takes a huge sniff. Now she sniffs all flowers thinking they will all smell like lilacs. :) A neighbor pointed out she will be sorely disappointed.

Isabelle started her first swim class yesterday at the Issaquah pool. We decided to share taking her so Paul can take her when he can, and I will when he can't. For her first class we both went (me on the sidelines) and it was quite an adventure for Isabelle. Her eyes were HUGE watching the kids get in and out of the pool before our class started, and she was a little scared right when they got in but within minutes was smiling and enjoying the water. Paul said it was the best part of his week so far. :)

We enjoyed a belated Sunday brunch last weekend at Palisade- a lovely spot right on the water in Magnolia. Isabelle enjoyed their saltwater fish pond more than the food, and we all enjoyed the views along the shoreline.

We're keeping our eyes out for some summer play equipment for the yard for Isabelle, and just ordered a "sand and water" play table that should arrive this week. We can almost not keep up with her learning and words. Yesterday I was asking Paul if he wanted broccoli or asparagus with dinner, and in the background heard Isabelle saying something over and over again. Finally I realized she had been saying "brokli brokli brokli" to let us know what she wanted for dinner. And she wasn't kidding- she ate a HUGE amount of broccoli and even asked for more!

Here she is playing her piano and playing peek-a-boo with the newspaper:

We're relieved that she has been less successful at her attempts to scratch our faces (mostly mine), as I've caught her hands in time or turned her around so she can't reach me, despite trying. Hoping that she'll eventually learn this behavior doesn't get her anything she wants. We're still working on her sharing with her friends, but realize that we don't want to scold her for not sharing as it's something we want her to want to do, not have to do. Here's Isabelle and Ella enjoying a wagon ride together:

Here's Isabelle with her "purse" on her shoulder saying "bye" pretending to leave for Target like Mommy does.

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