Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ahh.... Summer weather!

We've been sooo busy enjoying the beautiful stretch of warm (now it's even hot) sunny weather Seattle's been getting the past few weeks, we haven't had much time for anything else. I hadn't even noticed that Isabelle had turned 19 months old the day she and I went to the little Cougar Mt. Zoo. She had a great time getting sprayed by the fountain, pointing out all the statues of animals (she actually yelled "turtle turtle!!" when she saw the turtle statue), but got scared when the deer nipped at her hand and again when the tiger roared (I was scared too). She laughed outloud when a parrot kept saying "ha-choo" like he was sneezing.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend consisting of two days of babysitting so we golfed one day and then took the kayak up to Rattlesnake Lake for the first time this season. We brought a picnic and our fishing poles and had a great time. Our good friend Helen joined us at the last minute which was a total bonus to get to hang out with her too. Isabelle sat in the kayak in the garage and seemed to think even that was fun. One of these days we'll have to take her up to the lake to splash in the water, enjoy the views, and have a picnic. It will be a few years before she would be safe enough to sit still in a kayak. When has she ever sat still?? I can't remember!

We've also been enjoying Isabelle's swim class, trading off turns taking her. Each time she seems to enjoy splashing her hands and kicking her feet in the water even more. Yesterday I took her and it was the day they first had us dunk them totally under the water. I was nervous about how Isabelle would react, but she had even tried to stick her face in the water out of curiosity when she watched me go under water. She did AMAZING! No crying, just a look of shock and gasping for breath, but she didn't swallow water or fuss at all. She just went back to playing as she had been. Afterwards, she liked playing in the showers in the locker room so much I had to drag her out of there.

We recently got a sand/water table for the yard for Isabelle and her friends to play in- and it has been a huge hit. Read between the lines tho'- sand + water = mud. :) She gets drenched and super dirty every time, but is happy as a clam and we just spray her off and change her clothes each time. Her friends Ella and Charlotte came over last night to all play together. It has been wonderful to have so many little friends of hers right on our street- she plays with someone nearly every day. Just this week something seemed to change in how she viewed her friends- like she now sees them as people who can play *with* her and be funny. Ella and Isabelle began holding hands and saying "na na na" to each other, which always causes Isabelle to burst into giggles and follow Ella around asking for "more." Now every time they see each other they hold hands periodically.

I'm excited that we also bought a small outdoor climber/slide toy for Isabelle used at a consignment shop. As much as she loves being outdoors, it's great to have some fun things for her to do at home. After pressure-washing it, Isabelle and Ella put it to immediate use. They were actually trying to climb up onto it while Paul assembled it together- they could not wait! Ella kept narrating outloud "Ella is having so much fun." Isabelle would say "ba bell" when she thought it was her turn to go (that's how she says Isabelle lately).

We are getting ready to have Becca and Scott visit us for 4 days this weekend and are so excited to get to spend some more relaxed time with them, after their beautiful wedding in Utah in April. I'm hoping Paul gives me some time to do some fun stuff with them on my own too.

After that, we are off to Cannon Beach for Father's Day where we'll take our first "road trip" with Isabelle. We booked a lovely beach house with a full kitchen, and huge deck overlooking the beach. Hopefully we will all survive a 5+ hour drive in the car as so far, Isabelle starts screaming/ crying after about 30 minutes and has not napped in the car in months. Advice anyone??? We are planning on bringing new stuff for her to play with, lots of snacks, and are considering buying a portable DVD player as a special treat- since she very rarely watches any TV at home.

Here are some cute pictures from our trips to the park. Isabelle made a new friend with a 4 year old boy who tickled her and got some giggles:

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