Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Family Vacation!

We just returned from our first *real* family vacation (i.e. not a trip to Utah to see family). It was also our first roadtrip. We spent 4 nights in Cannon Beach, Oregon and stayed in a rental house 2 blocks up from the beach with a spectacular view of Haystack rock from their huge deck. It was absolute bliss, between the views, the sound of the ocean, and the fun we had at the beach with Isabelle.

We were worried about how the 5 hour drive would go, as sure enough Isabelle did not nap for one second on either the drive down or back. But we brought tons of snacks, new books and toys, and the absolute savior- a portable DVD player for the car where Isabelle watched Elmo and Curious George. All in all, we were relieved that the drives went so well- but it did mean Isabelle was pretty sleep deprived both days.

We weren't sure how she would do at the beach as she'd never been before, but were pleased to see how much she loved it, instantly loving to splash in the (50 degree?) cold water until she was soaked and crying whenever we took her away from the water. Here are some pictures of the day we arrived at the beach (Isabelle's first experience at the beach):

She kept calling it "swimming" since she has come to love water so much since her swimming classes. She was a little more nervous about walking in the deep sand, holding our hands most of the time. But she loved playing in the sand, getting her legs buried by Daddy, and acting like her hands didn't work since they were covered with sand. :) Here are some pictures of her playing in the sand:

Although the weather was constantly changing, from sun to heavy rain and back to sun, we seemed to time it well as we had outings at the beach every day during nicer weather. We also made it down to Haystack Rock for low tide early in the morning to see the puffins nesting and the tidal pools. Isabelle was much more into just running into the water and on the sand than anything else. Here are some shots of the beautiful early morning light at the tidal pools:

It was lucky for us that the house had room for Isabelle to run around in and was stocked wtih some children's toys/books, and the rental agency provided us with a high chair and pack and play. She adjusted immediately to her new sleeping situation, but woke up super early every day (5ish). Having a kitchen helped us eat some meals at the house and stock up on snacks for lunch, while we ate out for dinner each night. The views from our balcony were unbelievably gorgeous. Here's a stormy sunset shot from the deck:

Paul enjoyed surfing 3 times- twice at the beach out front of our house and once at another beach he hiked to. We agreed this was the best place to celebrate Father's Day and we hope to make a tradition out of it! Here are some pictures of the beautiful weather we had on Father's Day:

It's impossible to share all of the amazing pictures from the trip, but here are some of the favorites.


  1. Stinkin Cute Stinkerbelle!!!! Those pics are amazing. I want to know your rental agency!

  2. Thanks- it was such a fun trip and definitely makes me want to travel more. But renting a house instead of a hotel room was WAY more baby-friendly. We rented a 2br (+ basement den) 1 ba house from Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals. Have you guys figured out where you're taking your getaway trip this summer?

  3. Seriously?!?! She is so fun. We need to do a dual family vaca. How fun would that be?!