Saturday, June 13, 2009

Squirtpark Fun

We have been loving the continued warm and hot streak of weather here in the NW as we've had a month of no rain (not counting one day of spritzing) and 3 days in a row in the 90s! So we finally took Isabelle to the Squirtpark at Crossroads where she became an instant fan. It's a super-padded free water park mostly catered towards toddlers and younger kids where whales and other formations randomly squirt or spray water at kids. Maybe her swim classes have helped her to enjoy water even more, but we were amazed that she didn't have a moment's hesitation about getting squirted right in the face. She relished it! So one week we went twice- and the second day (really hot in the 90s) was super crowded, but we were happy to run into our friends Amy & Lyla by accident. Since going to the squirtpark, Isabelle's enjoyed spraying herself in the face with a water spray bottle at home. :)

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