Thursday, July 30, 2009

21 months old

We cannot believe Isabelle is now 21 months old. The fact that she's now only 3 months from her next birthday is absolutely mind-blowing. Each month seems to race past us even faster than the last month did. She's just a ball of energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and fun. She's speaking sentences frequently now and rarely comes across something that she doesn't already know the word for. It's absolutely astonishing how quickly her language has grown. She feeds herself her cereal with a spoon with almost no help at all (except the "towel" she requests for cleanup as needed) and has been enjoying attending a summer session of music classes this past month where she's learned to dance "ring around the rosie" and loves helping put the storytime blanket away.

We have had record heat here in Seattle (103 degrees yesterday was the hottest Seattle has ever gotten) all week, and we've been lucky enough to stay in our a/c house as much as possible to beat the heat. However this has meant that we've been doing indoor errands and lots more playing inside rather than outside. The upside of this is I've gotten to enjoy dressing Isabelle in all her skirts, without fear of her tearing up her legs on the concrete outside. Here are various skirt shots of Isabelle.

Isabelle "hula-dancing" around the room:

She's enjoyed playing "Mommy's piano" every day lately:

Practicing sitting on a ball and of course winking with Elmo (note Elmo's diaper and bow):

The past few weeks have been filled with even more sickness in this house, if that is even possible. Poor Isabelle has been fighting some tummy problem that has caused some serious diarrhea (and rash) for 2 weeks now. They tested her for all sorts of parasites and bacterial infections, but all came back negative. Since she has gotten significantly worse in the past few days, her doc is starting her on some antibiotics today in case some of her "normal bacteria" have gotten out of whack and are causing her to be sick. On top of that, she also got a cold for the past week, which she's luckily over now. Phew! It's been a lot of chasing after poor sick Isabelle to wipe her nose and for zillions of diaper changes. Poor thing was a better sport about her cold and fever than her sore diaper rash, where she cries in pain for changes. We are seriously crossing our fingers that she gets better really soon.

Yes this picture is without a diaper :) and Isabelle's favorite "wink":

Here Isabelle's enjoying her new "table and chairs" set:

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  1. I'm so sad to hear she's been so sick! She is so darn cute and that wink just kills me! Isn't motherhood amazing? (Most of the time???) You are such a sweet mommy- fun to keep up with you here! PS Have a fantastic birthday!