Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recovering... finally!

Phew it's been a busy time since I last posted about our trip. I'll catch up on the rest of our summer activities in another post. For now we're just barely catching our breath from a long week and half of sickness. Unfortunately it put a major damper on our 4th of July plans (to golf early and then join some good friends for a bbq party) since I was very sick all that weekend.

Weirdest sickness yet for me, as it started with pain in my neck (like I slept weird) and then the pain spread down one leg, down another arm and into the fingers so I couldn't bend them. By the next day, neither arm worked, the pain in my fingers was intense, and both legs hurt so much I had to hold onto both railings to even walk up or down stairs. Day 2 the fever started and got above 102 before I stopped checking during the night. Of course this weirdest illness had to happen over a long weekend when my doctor wouldn't be around! I talked with the doctor on call, who suspected nerve involvement given how the pain affected both hands and sent me directly to the ER where they gave me an IV and did a bunch of blood tests. They ruled out meningitis, mono (which I've had before) and some other scary stuff and concluded I probably had a virus affecting my nerves, but couldn't rule out MS (my biggest fear).

Although the fever broke after 2 days, my pain and weakness had worsened to the point I couldn't open a bottle of water or squeeze my toothpaste tube. I was completely nonfunctional and it was awfully scary to lose the ability to really do anything. There was no way I could pick up Isabelle, as I couldn't lift a plate easily. Poor Paul was struggling to fight off the sickness, as he felt weak and tired as well and was having to take care of Isabelle almost entirely. He ended up having to take 4 sick days from work to stay home to help and we were concerned if it went on longer we'd have to fly some family member here to care for Isabelle.

I met with my doctor (best doctor ever by the way!) who ran some more blood tests which confirmed that the virus was attacking all of my muscles (not nerves) and causing "inflammation in the muscles." There is some blood tests showing this type of injury to your muscles and my tests showed my levels over 10 x that of a normal person. This was such a relief to actually have an explanation (albeit weird and unusual) for my strange illness. My doctor agreed that it is an unusual virus that causes this type of problem.

The last several days I've been feeling more and more normal, but still more tired and weak, but at least funcitonal! I met again with my doctor who was relieved to see my improvement and thought I'd be 100% in another week or two.

Yay no more sickness! So Paul and I are celebrating by him taking the day off tomorrow to attempt golf (we'll see if we're strong enough) while our sitter watches Isabelle.

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  1. OMG! I am so sorry that you went through all of that. Next time, please call me! At least Evan and I can entertain Isabelle while you lay about. Glad you are better now!