Sunday, August 9, 2009

36 aint so bad!

Paul and Isabelle really made my 36th birthday great- since we celebrated throughout the week in many different ways. Paul and I enjoyed a lovely night out at Seastar early in the week, and then met up for a mid-day Harry Potter movie on Wed. My birthday was on a Friday and Paul took off work so we could spend it together, and we took Isabelle to the park in the morning and enjoyed our first ever family bike-ride before a nice dinner at Jaks that evening. It was really fun to ride next to Isabelle and Paul on his bike and she thought it was quite funny to see me next to her.

Paul got me beautiful white roses, a white chocolate strawberry cake from the best cake shop in Fremont, and a new putter (much overdue!) which I put to use this weekend. It will take some adjusting for me to get used to it, but I'm thrilled to have a better putter. Isabelle enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" and of course eating cake, but kept saying "more Happy?" meaning "more cake" rather than more singing. :)

Here's Isabelle wanting the putter (and roses) all for herself:

One funny part of the cake was they mistakenly wrote the message "Happy Birthday Jean" so I guess being 36 and Jean wasn't too bad for me this year! :)

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