Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farm and potty poop

Great title, eh? Well this topic seems big around our house lately with Isabelle talking more and more about poop and pee as she's been leading us towards potty training. We did get her a little red potty this week as she's been reading about potties in some books for a while and quite curious. First time she sat on the potty she pooped in it! We were very proud and decided to allow a little "nakedtime" as the books recommend. Not 5 minutes later did she start crying because she'd peed all over herself and the carpet. :( Guess we weren't quite ready for it all yet. She was upset for the rest of the day about the potty (not wanting to go near it), which is fine with us as we are in no hurry at all. But yesterday when her babysitter was here, Isabelle pooped again in her potty and was quite excited to tell us about it when we got home. I guess each step forwards is a good one. She may be more excited about having a stool to reach the sink and her own soap than anything else. :)

I took her on a couple of fun outings this week, enjoying the (finally!) cooler weather we've been having. We went to Kelsey Creek farm where we visited all the animals. Isabelle was a bit scared of the geese honking at her, but absolutely was riveted by watching the horses and the class of kids learning to ride them. She kept pointing out one horse riding in a circle saying "circle, silly!" and laughing about it. She bravely faced the huge pig (she was previously scared of) who was sleeping and she continues to talk about "piggy snoring." But more than anything, she was fascinated by the piles of horse poop. I have a whole series of photos where all she kept saying was "poo poo" and pointing at it, and then sticking her tongue out to indicate it was "yucky."

As much as we enjoyed walking around and seeing the animals, she became trouble when I tried to get her back in the stroller for the long (and steep) walk back. I continue to struggle with how to get her to listen and her usually running the other way when I try to get her to come with me. It is very frustrating and difficult physically to pick her up and carry her when she's throwing a tantrum.

First she decided it was more fun to push her stroller:

Yes in this picture she is running away as fast as possible, and in the next running back down the hill.

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  1. So cute. You guys have to get going on that second one. You make WAY too cute of babies! :)