Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bye bye Nanny Shari

With great sadness, we said goodbye to our beloved "Nanny Shari," who has been babysitting Isabelle on a regular basis since she was 3 months old. I cried the day she told me she was moving at the end of the month to Texas (to be closer to her own grandkids), and of course cried even more when we had to say goodbye. We feel forever lucky to have had her in our lives and feel we learned so much from her, we can never thank her enough. Mostly, I'm heartbroken for Isabelle who absolutely adores Shari. As Paul pointed out, she knows Shari better than anybody other than us. Shari really was family to us out here, and we'll miss her always.

Here are some pictures of their last day together.

Doing "ballet" together:

Shari taught Isabelle (and us) tons of baby sign language, and appropriately on her last day taught Isabelle how to sign "I love you."

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