Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lake Chelan vacation

We enjoyed a fabulous 3 night vacation to Lake Chelan this month. We got a great deal on a room at Campbell's Resort, which has a beautiful sandy beach for us to play in and incredible views from our room. Above are views from our room. It was quite hot the first 2 days we were there (upper 90's) so we spent our days splashing in the water, playing in the pool, and trying to force Isabelle to take breaks in the shade.

On our 3rd day, there was incredible wind and big waves on the lake, so we ended up going wine tasting instead of playing at the lake all day. We were amazed by how beautiful the wineries were in the area, overlooking spectacular views of the lake. We spent a while at one that had apple orchards, and another that looked like an Italian palace.

We were happy with how rewarding and easy the trip was, a short 3 hour drive from home, with a great beach, warm weather (and water) to play almost felt like Hawaii! It was our first time staying in a hotel room all together, which worked out fairly well but did have its challenges (one of us stuck napping while Isabelle napped, with the other stuck outside until nap ended, etc.). Overall, we enjoyed our trip so much we're hoping to head there every year.

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