Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Fall!

I can't believe a month has gone by since I last posted as it's been so filled with activity. Isabelle started her "toddler classes" through BCC this month, which has been a huge addition to our week. We've also been busy preparing for her birthday party this week, as well as having Mimi & Papa visit last week. We are very excited about Isabelle's new cousin baby Archer and can't wait to meet him! We also are recovering from Isabelle's first major injury as well as a cold for all 3 of us. We visited a pumpkin patch last week and have been decorating and preparing for Halloween next week. More on some of these in other posts.

Thus the short post since we're too busy for much more!

Isabelle's toddler school is for 2 hours once a week, with me attending a parent ed class for an hour on alternating weeks. I wasn't sure how she's do with me gone (the kids can stay with us if they need to or play on their own), but this week when I showed her where I'd be she simply said "Mommy here" and ran off to play for the entire hour without ever peeking in on me. I was so proud to learn she'd been busy painting, playing with friends, and even getting another mommy to help her with a snack. This class is a great in-between before she's ready for preschool next year. Here's Isabelle getting ready to wash some babies at her toddler class and playing with some cool lit puzzles and pretend kitchen:

Last month, Isabelle took a really hard fall out of her stroller landing completely on her face and head, with a loud "crack." She had an enormous goose-egg that evening, a nasty oozing scrape, and of course we were terrified of head injury complications. Luckily by morning her goose-egg was gone and it just took a while to heal the wound. Here are a few pictures with her bandaid on:

A few pictures modeling her new rainboots and "shiny shoes.":

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