Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tutus and Choo Choos!

Can't believe my little girl turned 2 on Oct. 28. This second year has truly flown by faster than the first year of her life- as she's so busy playing, exploring, and learning absolutely everything imaginable.

We had a "tutu" or ballerina themed birthday party for Isabelle and about 10 of her little friends at our house. We feel truly lucky to have made so many good friends since her birth so that she has lots of good toddler friends, and we also enjoy the parents' company. Grandpa George & Grandma Leslie and Kaylee were also able to fly up from Utah to join us and help Isabelle celebrate. Although their visit was short, we so enjoyed seeing them and Isabelle loved reading with Grandpa George and showing all her sparkly "diamonds" (aka stickers) to Grandma Leslie.

I was busy with crafts for the party for weeks, as I really wanted it to be fun for the kids. I made ballerina cut-outs that I decorated the walls with, and made butterfly wands for the girls and frog wands for the boys. I also made tissue-paper tutus for kids to play with and decorate (or wear if they didn't wear a tutu already to the party) and had a table set up with stickers to decorate the wands and tutus with.

Here's little Luca wearing a paper tutu bravely!

With Ella and Charlotte:

Enjoying the party with her friends. Some of them loved eating at the picnic table together so much they hardly left it!:

We played a round of "pass the parcel" with the kids where kids open a huge package until they get to a wrapped gift, they can open, and then pass the big parcel to the next kid. I liked the idea that they get a small gift, but also have to share. We weren't sure how much the kids would understand but it took them no time at all to open their little gifts and go through the whole package.

Paul and I have new-found respect for pastry chefs, as we baked Isabelle a birthday cake this year and struggled with the decorating part. :) Not that she seemed to mind.

She had so much fun playing with her friends, especially zooming around the deck on her "choo choo" with other girls pushing and taking turns. One friend said the party should have been called "tutus and choo-choos." There truly is nothing more adorable than a bunch of little girls running around in tutus.

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  1. Looks like a fun and successful party. I'm so sad we missed it!