Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paul's 40th & Halloween

Wow I'm a whole holiday behind. Better post these and start catching up.
It is a busy week for us, with Isabelle's birthday, Paul's 40th birthday, and Halloween 3 days apart! For Paul's birthday we took a nice family hike at Tiger Mountain where Isabelle enjoyed the trail and exploring the hole in the tree we found.

Then we went to a birthday party where the kids wore costumes. So Isabelle wore last year's costume as a ladybug to the party. Paul was nice enough to forego a birthday dinner so Isabelle could go to her friend's party. Here's a picture of Paul blushing while everyone at the party sang Happy Birthday to him. :) Little Calvin who turned 1 was nice enough to share the spotlight with Paul.

On Halloween, we dressed her in her "fuzzy kitty" costume (as she calls it) and raced up the road after her nap to try to join in the neighborhood costume parade, but were too late. Instead, she and her friend Ella played together in Daddy's car and outside and then went trick-or-treating together.

It took Isabelle no time at all to get into the spirit of Halloween, saying "trick treat" at most doors, holding her pumpkin out for candy, and most of all enjoying her first lollipop (courtesy of Ella's mommy) and the M&M's Daddy fed her. We went all the way around our block- she was so tired she was falling down, and still didn't want to stop! That sugar rush kicked in and she zoomed around the house like a tornado for an hour before quieting down.

It was so much fun to truly experience Halloween with her and to anticipate all the years ahead of us of costumes and trick-or-treating.

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