Thursday, December 31, 2009

Santa introductions

We weren't dead set on having Isabelle visit Santa, since we doubted she'd really be into him yet. But she became ever more excited about everything Santa and so we decided we'd do a no-stress introduction to Santa- at the Cougar Mt. Zoo where there was no line (not like that hour+ lines at the mall!) and she could decide to see him or not. We got some pictures all together before having her sit on Santa's lap alone- and she was quite excited afterwards about how he gave her a candy cane. She enjoyed seeing the reindeer and sitting in Santa's sleigh at the zoo too.

So when she and I were at another mall and saw there was no line for Santa, I figured she'd want to visit him again and sit on his lap. But she became more shy (and maybe a little confused about why he looked so different than the first Santa!) and ended up only asking him for a candy cane when he asked what she wanted. (No pictures of this visit).

Funny part is she's still telling people that Santa gave her candy canes for Xmas.

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