Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 Months Old and 2 Sore Thighs Later...

Isabelle hit 15 months old today! To celebrate, we drug her to the doctor's office, kept her awake instead of allowing her a morning nap, laid her out for weighing and measuring, and then stuck her full of vaccinations. Fun fun fun. She did really well especially considering how tired she was to start with, and how long the appointment ended up taking. Her stats have "followed her same curve" with her weighing in at 29lb 14 oz and measuring at 31" (which was short we're quite sure as she was crying and wriggling as usual on that damn scale). And she's getting an upper molar in, as we suspected given all the chewing she's been doing on that side.

Her doctor seemed pleased with her words and saying "hi" and waving at him when he approached and was happy to hear she's eating mostly table foods and is starting to walk. He said to call him if she's not walking by 16 months (although what he would do, I have no idea...) but every day she's taking more steps on her own unassisted so I'm not worried. He thought she keeps using the word "baby" in different ways to experiment with inflection, as she'll say "baaaby?" to mean "what is that?" and "BABBBY BABYYY" to mean "kitty or other animal I'm really excited about."

We expressed concern about her bottle of milk before bed- as she drinks way less from a sippy cup (her morning bottle has now been replaced by a sippy cup that she keeps working on from breakfast, nap, and finishing at lunch) and if we replaced that before-bed bottle with a cup, I know she wouldn't get enough milk. So... the question is what is worse for her- one bottle before bed or less milk per day than is recommended. I love her pediatrician in some ways- as he is so non-alarmist about most issues that he views as developmental in nature. He said a bottle before bed (in our arms and not in the crib) is no problem at all and many kids hang onto that bottle for a few years without trouble. I asked about teeth formation and he said that bottles only affect that if they walk around all day with a bottle in their mouth. He also wasn't worried if she only gets 12-16 oz/ day + water as that's what the kidneys need.

So for now she got a healthy stamp of approval, plus two sore thighs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are people tougher here in Seattle?

So Paul and I think that people in Seattle just "tough it out" so much more than anywhere else we've ever lived. For example, people seem to do anything they want regardless of the weather or rain. Now this fits right in for us since we love to go for our twice daily walks (rain, shine, snow, cold) and today even went golfing in 35 degrees. The part that baffles us is that the golf course was SUPER CROWDED- I mean waiting at every hole with 2 parties waiting behind you as well. I thought we were the only crazy ones around here but I guess not. We love being able to get out and do something we enjoy even if beforehand it sounds like it might be too cold. I don't think we've ever regretted getting out and giving it a go. :) Now if I could just putt...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Adios buckethead!

For 4+ months our poor kitty Uintah has had to wear a plastic "no lick" cone around his head because of some mysterious skin problem he developed back in early September. He's been through gazillions of tests, to 2 specialists, plus had probably half a dozen appointments with his regular vet. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with him, but when we previously removed the cone to test out if he wouldn't do damage to his injured back, he was bleeding back there again almost instantly.

He (and we) got so used to him being in the collar, we just started calling him "buckethead." Poor Isabelle would even get confused when she saw pictures of cats in books and then looked at Uintah- since none of them had a collar around their heads.

So.... after seeing the vet dermatologist this past week (who was also stumped but suspected a possible poisonous spider bite), we decided to have another go at trial periods "bucket-free." After several days of doing really well, we let him have all day, without problems, and then all night. He has never been so happy! He's been grooming like crazy of course, and even racing up and down the stairs excitedly.

We're so happy to have our hopefully healthy and happy Uintah back to all his normal fuzziness!

One step backwards.. are there going to be two forward?

Isabelle has been motivated by watching all those kids around her walk everywhere! So she's been actively trying to walk more and more the past 2 weeks or so. She's been enjoying walking everywhere holding onto a finger or two of ours and then when she's brave (or motivated) taking 3-4 scary steps towards one of us, before she lands on us and screams in delight. Yesterday and today she spent a good 30 minutes pushing her little "lawn mower" walker downstairs back and forth over and over. She's gotten so good at making turns with it, it's really cute to watch her plan which direction she wants to take.
Yesterday was our last music class for the semester and Isabelle had a wonderful time- hugging other babies, even letting the teacher "tickle" her into some giggles during baby massage time, and ..... walking 6+ steps across the middle of the room to me! She enjoyed everyone clapping for her as well. Not a wallflower, this girl!
We're excited to see her change and grow but I guess with each new milestone, we lose a little of the baby she was which is a little sad too. Probably won't be too long before she goes everywhere walking... but we've said that before!

Finally blogging!

Ok so we have run our photo website for a few years now but with all the news and changes since Isabelle was born, I've found it hard to write enough on our photo site to keep up with everything (or keep track!). Not sure yet how we'll use the sites differently, but I thought it was worth a try... and I confess I'm addicted to several of my friends' blogs. :)