Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 years old and some favorite things

On Isabelle's actual 2 year birthday, we started out first thing with her doctor's appointment. She is so cooperative at the doctor, we feel very proud of her every time we go. We were amazed by how she's grown as she's now over 97% for height and weight. She was 36 1/2 inches!! And over 37 pounds. Wow! We caught some cute pictures of her in the exam room before the doctor came in. Bringing a friend (aka a monkey) always makes a doctor's appointment more fun!

Luckily we were able to get her vaccinated with both flu shots, with minimal crying. We took her to Kelsey Creek farm to play and visit the animals, as it's one of her favorite places and the weather was lovely. Yes that's a pumpkin the pig was eating- it took her about 2 seconds to eat the whole thing. Isabelle's always a little scared of the huge pig, but each time bravely faces the pig and watches while holding mommy's hand.

After lunch, her friend Ella surprised her for a visit, making her even happier. We had a quiet evening home with her favorite "green noodles" chinese take-out and some birthday cake. This time she actually blew out the candle!

She opened more presents, including some fun books from Grandma Madonna, and loved her new kitchen from Mimi & Papa so much, she didn't want to leave the house again. (Luckily she's gotten past that now).

We are constantly amazed by how fast she's grown and how much she has learned. There is almost nothing we can't communicate about with her, and she routinely strings together 6-7 word sentences, has words for many of her emotions, and continues to be very empathic towards others' feelings. She's just starting to work on dressing or undressing herself (mostly practicing on her shoes), and has started to love dress-up (especially mommy's high heels). We feel lucky every single day that we have Isabelle in our lives, as she's a bright star on even the hardest days.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This year we missed our usual days to hit the pumpkin patch, so we went early one morning to a small "do it yourself" pumpkin patch which actually meant we were the only people there! It was kind of awesome! You just weighed your pumpkins and put your money in a slot when you were done. There were a few creepy decorations (bodies sticking out of the dirt everywhere) but Isabelle didn't seem to mind. :)

Fall hiking with Mimi & Papa

I'm so behind on my posts, I'll make it brief. Even though all 3 of us were trying to recover from head colds while they were here, we still enjoyed my mom and dad visiting last month.

We took a few "hikes" with them around Tiger Mountain and on Cougar Mountain, which everyone enjoyed quite a bit. We visited the salmon hatchery and I also got to enjoy a few nights out to dinner with them, which was a treat for me. At the hatchery:

Isabelle truly loves them very much and misses them when they leave. We were very proud of her saying "thank you Mimi Papa" after opening some gifts from them, without any prompting from us!

She enjoyed some "indoor sled rides" from Mimi while she was here.

Here are some pictures of their visit. Isabelle thought it was funny we went to the same hike as last year, when she was a baby and could only crawl. So she pretended to crawl at the same spot we took pictures of her last year. :)