Friday, January 1, 2010

Magical Christmas!

We truly enjoyed this Christmas more than any I can remember. Seeing Isabelle light up with anticipation for Christmas, as the gifts collected under the tree was just so much fun. We let her open a few gifts Christmas Eve (to spread them out a bit), and the excitement on her face as she started to open a gift was almost too much to take. She first opened a gift from Aunt Eva & Uncle Bryan with a ballerina doll and tutu. Right before bed on Xmas Eve, she opened the biggest gift there, a baby doll set with crib, high chair, and stroller. She was so excited about her new baby toys she almost couldn't leave them to go to bed.

Christmas morning, the very first thing she saw under the tree was that Daddy had finished putting her new baby stroller together. I had to point out the "super big teddy bear" (as she now calls him) that Santa brought, with candy-cane in his paw. She loved the firecracker pops with crowns inside from Nana Janette. Here are some pictures opening them and wearing the crowns.

We had a wonderful relaxed Christmas day, starting with egg and cheese souffle for breakfast, gift-opening much of the day, and then a "fancy Christmas dinner" of prime rib, gruyere baked cauliflower, and peas.

In order to not overwhelm Isabelle with gifts, we took the rest of the week to have her open all of her gifts. She loved all of her toys and books so much that she has been reluctant to leave the house since she wants to play with everything. Her Mimi & Papa gave her a Little People dollhouse, her Grandma Madonna gave her her own laptop computer toy, and Grandpa George & Grandma Leslie gave her a darling apron for helping Mommy in the kitchen + some fun play food for her kitchen and a nice book. One of her favorite toys we gave her was a Little People farm- that she calls "my own Kelsey Creek Farm."

Paul and I enjoyed our gifts as well. I loved my new "J" necklace, a nice new raincoat, plus some "iou's" for some fun dates with Paul, and Paul was happy to have a new (actually a good one finally!) toaster, plus some books, games, and movies. But our gift from Aunt Shanna made me cry- it was a beautiful framed picture collage of Isabelle and her cousins. We can't wait to hang it on our wall. Plus we appreciated the money we received which we may use to buy a freezer for our basement.

We truly had a wonderful Christmas with Isabelle. I realized she has all of the enthusiasm and anticipation, without any of the entitlement or expectations that come as kids get older. We hope to enjoy this stage as much as we can!

It was sad not to spend Christmas with family, but we really have enjoyed starting our own holiday traditions and being able to relax and enjoy it instead of rushing around traveling, as we have for so many years.

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