Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael & Angela's visit

We were so excited for my brother Michael and his girlfriend Angela to come visit us- Isabelle kept asking if everything we got at the store etc. was for "Uncle Michael and Angela." :) She got caught up in the anticipation. Unfortunately Isabelle and I had both been battling a cold the week before they arrived, and as soon as they came, my cold flared up a vicious asthma attack and ended up turning into pneumonia again. It was really disappointing for me to be sick, wheezing, coughing, and feverish throughout their visit, since I was so excited to get some time away to go adventuring with them, and to go to some nice dinners to catch up together.

But their visit brought really exciting news as well as they told us they got engaged in Bryce Canyon just after New Year's! Paul and I could not be happier for them, as we've never seen Michael happier, as he is full of brightness and spirit since being with Angela. And we adore Angela- she's one of those delightful people that enjoys every single thing with such infectious enthusiasm, everyone is happier when she's around. They are busy planning their wedding in the mountains of Utah for later this year and we can't wait to go and help them celebrate.

Isabelle completely adores Angela- and spent much of her time bringing Angela books to read together, showing her babies to her, etc. She enjoyed some outings with Michael and Angela as well to the Cougar Mountain Zoo and on a few neighborhood walks.

Just as Michael and Angela left, Paul left the same day for his ski trip to Silver Star in BC Canada. It was rough timing since the day everyone left was the first day my fever broke, and I was still extremely weak, tired, and sick with pneumonia. However, despite some nasty antibiotic reactions, I was finally switched to a medication that helped me to feel better slowly. And I was proud to survive 4 nights/5 days on my own with Isabelle while feeling so weak and sick! We called it a "girl's weekend" and I'm quite sure we would have had tons of fun if I'd been healthier. Paul had a great time getting away and skiing for 3 days with an old friend from Utah.

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