Monday, February 22, 2010

Neighborhood friends

We are so incredibly lucky to live in our neighborhood where Isabelle has several wonderful little friends, all within 6 months of age. Here are some recent pictures of her playing with her friends. We have enjoyed such an incredibly warm beautiful February, our blossoms are out and it's been warm enough for picnic snacks outside and trips to the farm and zoo.

When Ella went out of town for a few weeks, she had Isabelle take care of her pet fish Dorothy. I forgot to take pictures of Dorothy, but Isabelle loved feeding her and watching her every day. Here are some pictures of Ella's return and how much they missed each other- Isabelle and Ella kept hugging and kissing each other every few minutes.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and hit Cougar Mt. Zoo with Charlotte and baby Ben. It was a monumental task to get 2 (let alone 3) kids looking at us at the same time. They loved the parrots talking to them, but Isabelle was worried Charlotte got "too close" to the deer and alpacas.

Here Isabelle and Ella are getting really silly, swinging their baby strollers at each other on a walk in the neighborhood.

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