Friday, March 26, 2010

10th Anniversary

10 years ago Paul and I got married up in the mountains at Snowbird ski resort in Utah. If only I had digital pictures from then- we could do a "then and now," but maybe someday we'll get a scanner and do the comparison. The picture above was from 9 years ago in Baltimore- as far back as our camera went. Anyways, it seems like yesterday in many ways (esp. since we've been together for 17 years!), but so much has changed since we said "I do." I finished my PhD, got licensed in 2 states, we moved to Seattle, bought our first house, and of course had our beautiful Isabelle. These past 10 years have been full of so much change!

The things that haven't changed are even vaster. I still feel lucky to have married my best friend and biggest supporter in the world. I can always count on Paul to be more optimistic than I am. I love playing all sorts of games and sports with Paul from ping pong (thanks for the new table Dad!) to tennis and golf. We always enjoy outdoor activities together and now as a family. We enjoy eating out together and relaxing on the sofa as well, and have enjoyed many trips as a couple as well as a family.

This is not to say marriage has not been tough as well- especially with coping with the changes parenthood has brought. But I feel so lucky to have this beautiful family and am confident that the next 10 years will bring only more happiness, adventure, and growth.

At my PhD Graduation 2002:

Bugging each other on the Manassas Battlefield 2003:

At the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland 2003:

More Ireland 2003:

At Niagara Falls 2003:

Skiing at Crystal 2004:

Kayaking at Whistler 2004:

Hiking in Oregon 2004:

Orcas Island 2005:

La Push/ Olympic peninsula 2005:

Whistler in 2006:

With 2 week old Isabelle in 2007:

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