Sunday, April 25, 2010

Putting away silverware

Isabelle has helped us put away dishes for a while now, but recently has begun to put away all the silverware on her own (without help!). She's gotten so good at sorting, it's a perfect job for her.

Mimi & Papa's visit in March

Although this is out of order, I didn't want to forget to post some of the great pictures of my parents' visit last month. We all enjoy their visits, and nobody more than Isabelle! I got to enjoy several very gourmet dinners out with my parents to some of Seattle's great restaurants, and we also enjoyed a trip to Seattle's Woodland Park zoo as well as celebrating my dad's birthday with a little hike. She couldn't decide if she wanted to use her umbrella like Mimi was using one, or use it as a "hiking pole" like Papa.

At brunch on my dad's birthday:
Enjoying reading with Mimi & Papa:
Silliness with baby socks:

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We took a 2 day trip to Suncadia resort for our anniversary last month. I'm this behind in posts so I'll keep it short and share a few pictures. The area was beautiful and it's only 1.5 hour drive, but Isabelle had just gotten a cold and this made the trip a lot more difficult. We enjoyed swimming in their pool as well as Isabelle's first turn ice-skating in their outdoor rink. After watching the ice skating on the olympics, she was sure surprised at how much harder it was to do! As we are approaching summer, I sure hope that other trips go a little smoother as a family since we love to travel and would like our trips to include some relaxation too!

Getting ready to skate:
Here we go!

View from the skating rink:

Cutest piece of luggage:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter fun

The day before Easter, while Daddy went skiing, Isabelle and I participated in the Gilman Village Easter Egg hunt here in Issaquah. It was tons of fun- but a bit more like trick-or-treating than a true egg hunt (i.e. going from shop to shop getting eggs). Isabelle surprised me by absolutely loving the Easter Bunny- and making us go back 3 times to say hi to him again! This was a shock since she was pretty suspicious of getting too close to Santa. That afternoon we dyed eggs together. Isabelle especially enjoyed putting princess stickers on her eggs.

On Easter, we started the day with a small egg-hunt in our backyard, which was so much fun! We did it last year too and it was just remarkable how much had changed in the year. She was so fast at finding eggs all over and persisted in searching for the final egg until she saw it. Now our challenge has been to pace her in eating all that candy!

We also had an Easter basket with Big Bird stuffed animal, some Easter stickers, a Cinderella dress-up doll, and a book. Unfortunately Isabelle walked in on me preparing some of her eggs and found the basket in the closet before I could give it to her! She said "Mommy I want Big Bird!."

We had our good friend Mike over for Easter dinner, which was tons of fun since we don't see him nearly enough since parenthood, and Isabelle absolutely loved his goofiness and willingness to play with her! We enjoyed a prime-rib dinner together followed by the most amazing coconut cake Mike brought for the dinner.

Recreating last year's Easter picture:

Last year: