Monday, May 31, 2010

Princess Tea Party

So we seriously have the best neighbors and friends here. Isabelle's buddy Ella held a "Princess Tea Party" at her house just for Isabelle and Charlotte, just for fun. The girls put their fanciest tutus on, and were greeted by this unbelievably chic and beautiful table setting by Ella's mommy, Tali. She seriously had a Martha Stewart moment. There were even little crowns and earrings for each girl. She had baked cookies, cupcakes topped with edible flowers and toasted coconut, and had finger sandwiches. Although Isabelle loved all the food (so much I had to limit her in the end), it was the TEA she was the most thrilled with (i.e. lemonade). She had so much fun pouring and drinking from the little tea-set, it was adorable.

I don't think pictures can come even close to capturing the sweetness in the room that day. After they were done snacking, they decided that a little "doctor" was in order (maybe for the sore tummies from eating too much?) and here are some pictures from how much Isabelle enjoyed being the patient. (And yes that IS a gas-mask!).

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