Thursday, May 20, 2010

School year ending

Isabelle and I have enjoyed so many classes this year together, it's kind of wistful that the year is coming to an end. We have our last class at her BCC Toddler "school" next Monday, but will continue meeting at parks throughout the summer with our friends from school. Isabelle was worried about hearing Paul and I talk about school ending, so I have tried to take some pictures at school to help her remember.
Her 2 "school class" pictures:

Other pictures from her enjoying school:

She has taken 2 years straight of KinderMusik classes and we had our last class today. The best part of music for her has probably been taking the same class with her two buddies, Maddie & Nate, for the entire time. She also has a little "boyfriend" in her current class who always holds her hand for dances. She loves to sing the songs she learned in class and pretend with her babies and animals that they are in class together.
Some pictures enjoying music class:

Some pictures from her last music class with buddies Maddie & Nate, as well as her little "boyfriend" Rogan holding her hand:

She's been thriving in her gymnastics class as well as her Little Gym class, so we will continue some of these classes this summer.

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