Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gymnastics crazy!

Isabelle has just thrived in her gymnastics classes at both Little Gym & Gymnastics East all Spring long. She now loves doing somersaults, swinging on bars (or pretty much anything she can), balance beam, 'skinning the cat' (walking up our legs and flipping over), etc. She got to enjoy both classes with friends, which made it extra fun for both of us. It was also fun to do different stuff on different equipment at the 2 classes, with obstacle courses, rope/tire swings, and trampolines at GE, and more bar and beam routines, a climbing wall, and more independent routines just with the teacher at LG.

Pictures from Gymnastics East:

Pictures from Little Gym:
At her last day at Little Gym, the teacher had each kid get up on the podium and she said a little bit about their experience in the class. It was so sweet! Isabelle listened very carefully as Miss Jessica told her how strong and brave she is to try out some of the more difficult equipment.

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