Monday, November 15, 2010


Paul had the great idea (albeit last minute!) that we all dress up in costume to have more fun this year at a friend's pre-trick-or-treating party and on the streets. He made a dashing pirate and I dressed up as a witch, with Isabelle as a beautiful peacock.

Getting all ready to go:

At the party with friends:

Trick or treating with friends!

Wally is the best accessory a witch can have!

We had so much fun even though Isabelle was seriously pooped from not napping for several weeks. She got really scared by a Star Wars guy in costume since she couldn't see his face, but otherwise had a blast and couldn't wait to come home and hand more candy out!

The week before Halloween we'd gone to a friend's "Little Monster's" party. Here are some pictures of the fun party full of adorable kids in costume:

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