Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter activities

We had so much fun playing in the snow storm here last month. We had probably 6-8" at our house and Isabelle enjoyed sledding and making snow angels with her friends Evie & Charlotte. Unfortunately the storm kept us from driving to Montana to visit Paul's sister Shanna for Thanksgiving as the roads here and between us and them were just too treacherous. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as Isabelle ended up quite sick with a pretty high fever and rash all over her body for several days over Thanksgiving weekend. We never figured out what she had other than it was some weird virus.
Now that she's recovered, we have gotten fully into the Christmas decorating. Isabelle had so much fun picking out the tree with us and decorating it with ornaments. She was so disappointed when we'd finished putting all our ornaments up, as she wanted to keep decorating every day! Our next project is to make a gingerbread house. We had fun with friends decorating holiday cookies last night and it was such a reminder of how much Isabelle has grown and changed in the last year- as I could remember at last year's decorating party that she got bored quickly and went off to play, leaving me doing all the decorating. This year she decorated every single cookie and was very focused!
We've visited Santa twice but neither time has she wanted to sit on his lap. We decided we're ok with not making her sit on a weird guy's lap she doesn't know, but she continues to want to visit him- maybe just for the candy canes. :)Visiting Santa's reindeer:We're off to try our first attempt at volunteer work as a family later this week- when we plan to visit the nursing home in our neighborhood and try to cheer up some of the old people there. We are really hoping Isabelle will learn the spirit of giving and helping others, rather than only thinking of Christmas as a time she gets present. Although I'm really excited to do this with her, I am concerned she may become scared of the more impaired residents- so we'll have to see how it goes to decide if we plan to continue volunteering there.

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