Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday fun

After nearly a month of everyone in this house being sick, all 3 of us had just recovered in time to enjoy Christmas (with the help of 3 different antibiotics!). This year was tough to be away from family in Utah, as all of Paul's siblings went to Utah with their kids, and my dad had just had knee-replacement surgery days before Xmas. We were sad not to spend the holidays with our families, but really enjoy a relaxed holiday in our home where we can really enjoy Christmas together.

Isabelle found that Santa left her much wished for kitty slippers under the tree Christmas morning. We started off with Madonna's famous "eggs strata" recipe and opening presents.Some were more excited than others about opening presents:
We opened presents and played with them all day long. Isabelle was a professional present-opener this year, compared to years past. We were impressed by her discipline, not opening any presents on her own. Isabelle really loved some of the new toys and board games she received from family. We gave her a new dress-up box, hand puppets, a clock that teaches her when to stay in bed, a toy laptop, as well as some smaller gifts. When we opened our stockings and I thanked Santa for the golf balls in mine, Isabelle responded "you're welcome." Apparently we haven't done a great job at being Santa, as Isabelle was with Paul when they bought the golf balls. :) Sometimes she's just too smart for us. She keeps laughing that people actually believe that Santa comes down the chimney.

We made a prime rib dinner with parmesan polenta and brown butter almond brussel sprouts! Fancy for us. :) Unfortunately as I'd was still recovering from sickness, I hadn't made sure we had butcher string so Paul and Isabelle had to run to our neighbors Christmas evening to borrow some. We all agreed our favorite part of our Christmas dinner was Grandpa Tom's cheesecake recipe we made.

Some fun with the dress-up box present:

We had tons of fun making the gingerbread house that Grandma Madonna sent the week before Christmas.

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  1. i absolutely love the pictures contrasting paul & isabelle's enthusiasm for opening presents! however, it looks like a good time was had by all :)