Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of a year

I guess life is so busy with a preschooler, that this many months have flown by since I last posted on here. Isabelle ended her first year of preschool (as a "Ladybug") a few weeks ago, which was emotional for all of us. Her school did so many amazing things the last few weeks it was hard to keep up with it all!

First we had THE auction- the one that took up 90% of my free time the last few months as I anxiously and perhaps bravely took on cochairing the Silent Auction, which is one of the largest jobs for this auction. The auction was a huge black-tie gala event- that even Paul rented a tux for! I wish we'd had some pictures taken of us all fancy together. After working all day on setup, the auction itself was so much fun and a huge success. We ended up bidding on (and winning) a lot more stuff than we had planned on- but are thrilled about it all. We ended up getting a beautiful entryway bench that a friend refinished by hand, a kids sonicare toothbrush for Isabelle, some gift cards to nice restaurants and jewelery, and Paul got some fly-fishing gear and triathalon training package (?!). The best part of working on the auction was becoming closer friends with so many amazing parents at Isabelle's preschool. It was just amazing!

The quilt we all worked so hard on:

I got treated to a "Mother's Day Tea" at her school that was one of the most emotional moments for me in my life. Each kid had been practicing a nursery rhyme and was asked to hold a microphone and perform their nursery rhyme for the whole class. It seems like a small thing, but at this age, it was really the first time I'd seen Isabelle struggle with something so big all on her own without any help from me. She was shy about volunteering and appeared pretty nervous, but absolutely did an amazing job of "Hey Diddle Diddle" which I videoed and will remember always. It was just precious. They also had them do an art project where they talked about "the important thing about Mom" and Isabelle repeated throughout hers how I pick her up every time from school- which seemed to highlight some of her anxiety earlier in the year that maybe I wouldn't come back for her (heartbreaking!).

Paul got treated to a "Daddy Day" at school where he and Isabelle got to perform a "trick" together for the class. They did the "skin the cat" move she'd learned in gymnastics last year. She wrote the sweetest story in her "important thing about Dad" project about how he has tea parties with her and calls her "beautiful."
When it came to the last day at her school, Isabelle was visibly sad to say goodbye to her friends and teachers for the summer. They had a little ceremony to help them transition from "ladybugs" to "crickets" (the 4's class) where they each had little fake candles they had to turn out, and were given a "cricket" necklace that one of the kids from that class made for her, and sang a new song all together.

Pictures from her last day of school:

I can't believe all the ways Isabelle has grown this year and how much she has gained from her year at preschool. She is now braver, more independent, has learned how to form new friendships, and how to heal her heart when she feels left out. She has overcome considerable fears of leaving home, as one teacher told me she'd shown the most growth out of her class given how hard the first part of the year was for her. In the end, she loved school so much she jumped up and down and couldn't wait to play, never looking back for Mommy.

Her first day of preschool:

Her birthday celebration at preschool:

Her school's Easter Egg hunt:

Her preschool art show:

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