Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer trips

We have enjoyed two trips this summer so far and are getting ready to visit Utah in a few weeks for my 20 year reunion. (How did I get old enough for a 20 year reunion??!!)

We went to Missoula in June to surprise my father-in-law for his 70th birthday celebration, with all of Paul's siblings flying in as well. It was so good to spend some time with George & Leslie, who we definitely don't see often enough! Isabelle just adores them both- especially how "fancy" Grandma Leslie is. ;)
It was so much fun to spend time with all the cousins and the grownups- it really makes me want to do that more often. Plus we got to spend time with our darling nephew Archer (1.5 years old) and 5 week old niece Savanna. Those baby cuddles with sweet Savanna were just amazing!
Archer is just the sweetest, most easygoing toddler I have ever met. Seriously! And he and Isabelle immediately developed a bond where he would follow her around and ask where she was all the time, but then get very jealous if she played with his toys. She gave him a little round stone on a walk that he loved so much he carried it around all day and then even showed his mom how "Ibelle" gave it to him. Way too sweet. ;) We also really enjoyed seeing our nieces Lillian and Emma. It was so amazing to see how they've grown (especially Lillian who seems almost a teenager at 8!).
It was hard to leave we had so much fun and we all love Missoula. We can't wait to visit Shanna and JJ again and hopefully plan some more trips where we can meet somewhere fun in between (like Coeur d'alene or Chelan). One of the really exciting parts of the trip was how well Isabelle traveled compared to a year ago! She slept in a rollaway bed without issue, and we were able to share a hotel room without too much trouble. Of course we all had to go to "bed" when she did but I could sneak my iphone under the covers and read my books via kindle for hours! This was liberating for me as I always read before bed and last time we traveled in a hotel room, I couldn't even turn a booklight on without Isabelle staying awake and trying to talk to me about what I was doing. She did amazingly well on the 8 hour drive as well! Only one stop to get gas, go potty, and have lunch and she did great! No naps of course, but she watched movies, played with the ipad, colored, and used her new vtech reader (or her "kindle" as she calls it).

So we got back from that trip and pretty quickly were itching for more summer travel since it went so well. So a few weeks later we headed to Lake Chelan to find some sun and warmer temps as the summer here has been absolutely miserable. We spent 3 nights and had so much fun! We visited the Slidewater water park this time and had so much fun it was hard to tear ourselves away. Isabelle was in heaven between the toddler squirt park area and the actual slides she could go down either on our lap or with us catching her. It's a really beautiful waterpark as it's carved out of the mountainside with views of Lake Chelan below.

We also visited some wineries which were hit and miss, but always fun for me especially to buy wine we've tasted. And we of course couldn't miss a visit to Blueberry Hill for some breakfast and pie to take home! We had a blast on the beach at Campbells even though the lake was too cold for us to swim in, and Isabelle was obsessed with practicing holding her breath in the pool so she could return to her swim lessons and show her teacher (a high school boy we think she has a crush on) how much she'd learned.

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