Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to School

Isabelle officially joined the 4's class as a "Cricket" this week and is no longer a "Ladybug" at her preschool. She had her first day back at school at the Children's Garden on Wednesday and then had her first day of bringing a lunchbox to school and staying for lunch with all her friends Friday.

She seemed pretty excited about returning to school, as she kept asking me each day if today was a "preschool day," but then as we entered school and saw so many friends as well as new people, she hung on tightly to my hand and seemed pretty shy. It was overwhelming for me too! After the initial difficulty saying goodbye (but no tears this year!), she seemed to jump in with both feet. She was full of smiles at the end of the day and stories about it all. One teacher told me at pick up that she had been really silly during story time and helped out quite a bit.

It feels so good to see her transition so well back to school, but I admit I'm a little heartbroken to have our "summer of fun" come to an end and have so much less free time with her. 3 days a week this year feels like so much more especially since one day is for a couple hours longer!

I am excited to watch her grow and learn this year from all her friends and teachers and also enjoy deepening my own friendships at her school with other parents and teachers.

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