Friday, November 18, 2011

Being Thankful

We just celebrated the start of Thanksgiving at Isabelle's preschool this morning where they held a "Harvest Feast" for the kids. The older kids at the preschool made a "stone soup" (aka vegetable soup with one stone in it they remove to parallel the children's story about sharing) for Isabelle's class, and Isabelle and her friends got to churn their own butter today! She told me they used baby food jars filled with cream and got to dance and shake their jars to music until they turned into butter. Then they got to eat their butter on cornbread muffins during their feast.

When we arrived we got to watch the kids participate in a "thankful" ceremony where each kid gets to choose a stone from a basket and place it on a plate (that became the centerpiece during the feast), and say one thing they are most thankful for. Isabelle was thankful for her cousins giving her her new wallet. ;) Others were thankful for their mommies, their grandma, their brother, legos, and candy. ;) Way too cute!

The kids had made turkey leaf decorations to hold their spot at the table and "hand and feet" turkey placemats. It was such a special day and reminded us both of how lucky we were to have found such a special preschool for Isabelle.

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