Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busiest Fall ever

As I sit down to look at our blog I realize just *how* busy we've been this Fall, as I haven't had a moment to update this page since Isabelle's first day of school! Yikes! Since then, we've been busy with her going to school 3 days a week (and most excitingly Fridays when she brings her cute lunch box to eat with her friends!), continuing gymnastics, and trying out the new "Girls Club" at her school where she is invited to group playdates at other kids houses after school on Mondays. She seems to be the only kid left napping regularly so we are only partially participating since she has to skip nap altogether to participate. Her one day of going was so thrilling for her to be picked up from school by another kids' mom and play all afternoon at her house! If it were up to Isabelle, she'd do Girls Club every day. ;)

I will try to catch us up with a few different postings about our travels, Halloween/ fall festivities, and last Isabelle's birthday. Phew! I'm already exhausted!

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