Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreaming of Maui

We were extra busy this Fall as we spent the first half of October in Maui- for nearly 2 weeks of blissful vacation. A week in Kihei at our favorite condo where we endulged in the luxuries of Isabelle having her own room, Paul and I getting to watch movies at night in our bedroom, and eating breakfast on our lanai every morning enjoying the gorgeous ocean views. Aahhh total relaxation! It's funny the things that become "luxury" that we would never have valued in the years we visited Maui before becoming parents. We used to scoff at people staying in Kihei in condos- why stay there when you can be in a full service resort with drinks being handed to you on the beach? We explored different beaches this year in the Wailea area and loved what each beach offered in different ways.

Our day at Wailea beach involved running into an old friend from Issaquah! What a small world. I hear someone say "isn't that Isabelle?" only to run into a friend of Isabelle's from her old music classes. Isabelle and Hayden enjoyed playing in the sand together - it was really quite a treat for them to have a buddy to play with.

We spent another day at Makena Beach (near the old Maui Prince we used to stay at) which was so unbelievably peaceful and isolated it was amazing.
Isabelle guarding her sand castle from waves on Makena Beach:
Some pictures from our visit to the aquarium:
We hired a babysitter (Lorinda this time) for a night out to Mama's Fish House, our very favorite restaurant anywhere. Isabelle was overjoyed when Lorinda arrived with 2 huge bins full of toys and crafts for them to play with!

We have enjoyed balancing a week of condo luxury and relaxation with 4 nights in Kaanapali at the Sheraton- the resort located right at Black Rock, our favorite easy snorkeling spot. The luxuries at the Sheraton included snorkeling daily (with Isabelle who did amazing at holding her breath and looking at all the fish, turtles, and eagle rays!), taking hula lessons together, making flower leis, not having to set up our umbrella in the sand each day, and enjoying the water slide, lazy river, and waterfalls in the fancy pools. What we missed was separate rooms!

View from our balcony:

More of Kaanapali Beach:

We enjoyed the mornings at the beach, traded off for naptime so Paul got a bunch of days surfing in (and one day of kite boarding lessons!) and I got to relax at the pool/ beach on my own some, and spent the afternoons at the pool. Isabelle developed a love for fish and chips as well as some types of sushi (called Ahi Poke "candy"), and we all developed a dangerous addiction to Hawaiian Shave Ice (especially at one place in Lahaina that actually makes the syrups from fresh ingredients!). Isabelle became our little "flower collector" each day as she found plumeria flowers that had fallen for us to put behind our ears, as she pretended to be the "flower lady" selling her flowers.

Isabelle's little yellow float was her best friend in the pool and the ocean and it was just amazing how independent she could be out there with her goggles on, watching the fish, floating around next to us. We had the amazing experience to have several huge sea turtles swim right up to us followed by a family of 4 giant eagle rays swim right below us (something Paul and I had never seen on all our scuba and snorkeling adventures over the years!).

Overall, we had a fantastic vacation and can't wait to return. Aloha Maui!

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