Friday, November 18, 2011


Yes I will finally try to post in the same month as when exciting events occurred. I just am so blown over by all the things we have going on in Sept and October that I'm still catching up! Will make this one brief in the interest of moving on towards the next holiday this week. ;)

Isabelle LOVED being able to go to preschool on Halloween day dressed in costume. It was so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes- all proud to be "someone else' for a day. The best part of all was getting to attend the "spooky storytelling" session put on by the teachers at the end of the day. Paul and I were both amazed by how well all the children listened to the stories with full attention. They also got to bite donuts off a pole- which of course Isabelle delighted everyone by trying to eat the whole donut in one bite. ;)Halloween night was a little different for us this year since so many neighborhood friends have moved out of the area, it was actually the first Halloween we trick or treated as a family on our own. Isabelle was so fast this year- it wasn't even hard to make it around the block! She was equally excited to hand out candy so we tried to be home for some of that as well. Perhaps the most impressive sign of her growing up was how little she cared about her candy - she had 2 pieces while trick or treating and has never since asked for the candy.

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