Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas was all about family

Yes I know it's been over a month since Christmas- but that's just how behind I am! I can't very well skip it altogether, now can I? I'll try to make it brief as every 3 seconds I'm getting interrupted by my sweet daughter, who recently doesn't want to leave my side for anything. :) But that's another post altogether...

We were so excited to have family join us for Christmas for the first time since having Isabelle! We've always enjoyed our small family holidays at home, but it was extra special to have my parents- Isabelle's Mimi & Papa join us for the whole week. We also had my brother and sister-in-law join us for Christmas dinner. We all had a great time opening presents in the morning and enjoying our Moosman tradition of having Eggs Strata for breakfast.
The afternoon my dad and Paul spent a huge number of hours putting together Isabelle's big present- a huge wood doll house in our playroom downstairs. My mom and I checked on them a few times, only to hear they were on "step 11 out of 29." It was quite a project and by the end of it, my dad showed off all the cute features of her dollhouse- it seemed he wanted to play with it after working so hard on it!
We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner of prime rib and salmon, minted parmesan peas, roasted winter vegetables, and fresh baked artisan bread brought by Michael and Angela. For dessert we had a bourbon pecan pie my mom and I baked together and a chocolate banana cake made by Angela. It was quite the feast! We played games together that evening.
During the rest of my parents visit, we enjoyed a lot of playing board games with Isabelle including the new one they gave her called Hullabaloo- which was tons of fun as it required my parents to "do a funky dance" whenever they won. Way too cute. We also enjoyed a fabulous day out at the Tacoma Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium - as we went on a day that was totally empty and we had the zoo to ourselves! Since Paul and I gave each other new tennis rackets, we really appreciated them babysitting Isabelle one morning to give us a chance to get out and play tennis. I enjoyed a dinner out at Flying Fish with them as well.

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