Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Fun

We had a really dry winter up until a few weeks ago when we got hit by "Snowpocalypse"/ Ice Storm of 2012 where we were snowed in for most of a week, with the storm ending with 1/2" of ice covering everything leading to huge power outages. We lost power for 2 1/2 days and at 28 degrees outside, it got pretty cold fast in the house. Luckily we had our gas fireplace for light and a small bit of warmth, hot water, and a gas stove to cook on. We toughed it out but were very relieved when the power came back on as every day it got colder and colder in the house (in the 50's upstairs and even colder in the basement). Here's a picture of Isabelle during the power outage wearing 2 layers of sweaters, two layers of pants, and dressed up as Belle for fun.And of our poor birch tree that came down in the ice storm:
Before the snowstorm hit, we went to Snoqualmie Pass for a few days of sledding in the snow. We also enjoyed sledding in our neighborhood once we got snow (probably totaling out at 8-10 inches here).
Paul took Isabelle ice skating one day during winter break and I got lots of pictures and videos of them together. She was pretty frustrated at first but then really came to have fun using the little "walker" they provided, and didn't want to leave!
Our latest snow adventure was taking Isabelle up to try skiing for the first time. She was a bit nervous and unsure about it so we told her it was all up to her and if she didn't want to ski, she didn't even need to try it. We went up one afternoon when they were getting fresh snow in a big storm, and the conditions were amazing! Isabelle skied and rode the "magic carpet" over and over again and did not want to leave! She did amazing- it was really cool to see how much she figured out as she went! We're hoping to go up again today.

Trying her skis on at home:
Up at Snoqualmie Pass:

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