Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Visits


We have enjoyed the last several weeks of family visiting us.  First my mom and dad drove up after touring through the Tetons and Glacier on their way here.  It makes me so happy to see how quickly Isabelle warms to them and how excited she is to be with them.  She even got my mom to color with her when she babysit her while I went to a tennis class!  We had a great time with them-  took them to the Woodland Park Zoo, on a hike to Franklin Falls near Snoqualmie Pass, and for a few nice dinners out including to Montalcino with Isabelle (she is always so excited to get to come with us to a fancy restaurant)!  One day Paul took my dad kayaking while my mom, Isabelle, and I enjoyed a visit to the Issaquah farmer's market where we bought tons of fruit and veggies, flowers, and had a nice picnic lunch followed by Molly Moon's ice cream while listening to the music play!  It was lovely. And my dad seemed to really enjoy the kayak ride up at Rattlesnake Lake.  We met Michael and Angela for dinner one night and they took my parents on a hike to Mt. Rainier.

Franklin Falls hike
Isabelle making silly faces for Mimi

with Michael at Flying Fish
Woodland Park Zoo with Mimi

Less than a week later, we were thrilled to have Paul's mom, Madonna, and Winn visit us for several days.  They hadn't visited since Isabelle was 2 weeks old so a lot had changed around our house! ;)  Isabelle really enjoyed spending time with them, showing off all her princess dress-up, and also got "Gramadonna" to color with her.  Isabelle has been sick for the past week with a cold that just hasn't gotten too much better, but was still happy to see them.  Paul took them on a few adventures without us while Isabelle rested- kayaking and to Newcastle golf club to hit the driving range.  Madonna seemed to love the kayak ride and said it was her first time ever kayaking!  We made a fresh halibut dinner for them one night and enjoyed eating out on the deck as the weather was record heat during their visit.  Their last day, Paul and I really enjoyed taking them out golfing with us to Elk Run.  Although Paul's the only happy with how he hit, it was a real treat to get to golf with them again as we did many years ago.

Madonna warming up!

Now we've got just a bit over a week before we head to Maui!  And then preschool starts immediately.  My how fast this summer has gone by. We've got a lot more to squeeze into this last week.

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